MY.SIZE – Quality


MY.SIZE condoms are premium quality condoms and they are an international registered brand by R&S consumer goods GmbH, Munich, Germany.

Quality has always been the most critical factor in our strategic model since R&S started condom manufacturing in 1997. We understand that without total quality, we are unable to achieve our corporate goals. That is why at every stage of the manufacturing cycle, we take extra-special care to ensure that quality is never compromised. In fact, our stringent internal quality control means that our production methods and systems exceed the industry norm: ISO 4074. 

Premium components

We source only first class, pure, natural latex rubber, carefully selected by our technical staff. All our condoms are manufactured from our unique high-performance latex-based compound, while our personal lubricants have a smooth formula for enhanced enjoyment.

Certifications for MY.SIZE condoms

All MY.SZE condoms are CE 0197 marked and conform to EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42 ECC as a further guarantee of performance and reliability. And, as to be expected from a manufacturer of products of uncompromising quality, all production and management systems conform fully to ISO 13485 for medical devices. Our systems are audited annually by the notified body TÜV Rheinland LGA products GmbH.


All MY.SIZE condoms are manufactured with most modern machinery. 


MY.SIZE packagings all come in a modern design, thus providing the best protection for the condoms.