Here you will find all the questions and answers about MY.SIZE condoms including "What are MY.SIZE Condoms?",  "How can I find my right size?", "How should I store my condoms?". In sum any questions you have will be answered here.

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We do not use any animal components at the production of MY.SIZE condoms. 

You can determine the right condom size for your penis by using different measuring methods. All information about how to determine the size of your condom can be found here: "Your condom size" 

Men are different, and one most sensitive part of the man is the penis. We all want our penis to be erect, wether it is slimmer or wider. There are suitable condoms for this: your tailored made MY.SIZE condoms. In addition, unsuitable condoms are not in good shape. The do not provide the desired pleasure as they are prone to slipping! An other advantage is that you can gain experience with different condom sizes: A smaller condom can delay your orgasm. A wider condom offers more intense sensation. Important is that the condom does not slip off your penis.

  • Condoms have to be stored in a cool and dry place, protected from heat and direct sunshine.
  • Coins, keys and other sharp objects could damage the condom.So keep your condoms in a safe place, when you have them in a bag.
  • Respect the expiry date printed on the box and condom foil. Otherwise the quality can not be guaranteed.

If wearing a condom makes you feel unconfortable, then you are not wearing the right condom. Condoms are stretchy, but if the condom is too tight or too wide, you may not get the feeling and it also can affect your security. And that can be very annoying. So if your condom slips, when you are having sex, then this condom is not your size - try a slimmer condom! If you feel that the condom is not easy to roll over your penis, that means your condom is too slim! Probably it is very good, but does not let you feel so much. Condoms should prevent against many things, but not your enjoyment during sex.

Well condoms can break - No contraceptive can gaurantee 100% protection. Most condom damage is caused by wrong handling, especially when putting on the condom. Using MY.SIZE condoms, however, this risk could be minimized, because you can roll off the condom with little effort. For good glide, an additional lubricant can help. If it slips well, the risk of damages is considerably reduced.

MY.SIZE condoms do not have any spermicide lubricant, as a spermicide lubricant can cause negative side effects. 

We use only use premium materials, especially pure natural rubber latex. All our condoms are made from our special latex compound, which guarantees that all our condoms are particularly elastic, resistant, light and soft.