MY.SIZE - Our statement!

Using a condom is easy - open the foil, put it on, finished! Thus men often describe the use of condoms. The fact is, that not every condom fits every penis and the penis size can also change over the years, a matter of fact not known to many. The possible consequence: stress because the chosen condom was too tight or too wide and thereby slipped or bursted.  

Contraception for young people today fortunately is no "black box" or any taboo. In the context of sexual education, it is an integral part of school teaching in many countries - and here the right usage of condoms is taught. In school events, counseling organizations have been providing information on the relevance of suitable condoms for years. In drugstores or supermarkets, however, we find only a few different condom sizes and no help which size is the right size for the man. This can have consequences as demonstrated in research studies. Various studies have shown, that standard condoms are too tight or too wide for many men - and as a consequence the safety of the condom and the ability to provide a "natural feeling" is not guaranteed.

Several studies have shown that condoms and condom sizes are an advisory product and therefore should be placed in the pharmacy. We have recognized this fact and we are looking forward to a dialogue with pharmacies, consulting organizations and urologists.